Comments on Unplugging Session
commentson 18 April 2003 : 14:34, Damanda sez:

justin, you dropped the spirit stick!

commentson 18 April 2003 : 18:50, Notrzysztof Kieslowski sez:

From Slashdot indirect comments on the Rez article:

Re:The name sounds familiar (Score:5, Funny)
by neafevoc (93684) on Thursday April 17, @11:47PM (#5757058)
( | Last Journal: Monday November 11, @04:04PM)
Dude, that guy in the article, Justin, didn't do anything while she was getting off on Rez.

Now that's a true gamer.

commentson 19 April 2003 : 22:22, olivia sez:

ahhh...the responses to that slashdot article are the exact reason i stopped reading it. it's really sad to think that an entire new generation of awful little misogynists are being bred within the computer industry.

commentson 20 April 2003 : 14:45, Tom Barbalet sez:

Too true Olivia! The one thing about Slashdot respondents - the positive folk are more likely to email the author - the negative nonsense is archived.

commentson 20 April 2003 : 15:12, beckett sez:

I think unplugging is a good idea. Strangely, the two protagonists of the article unplugged simply to jack in to another medium: TV. I know this is Justin's living, but maybe some windsurfing or volunteering at a soup kitchen would better qualify as unplugging. Hell, I wouldn't mind seeing the two of them mate on webcam, but drats that would be another form of plugging wouldn't it?

commentson 21 April 2003 : 10:06, jane sez:

beckett, that's a good point - maybe we need to have a "no electronics day" at our house.

well, maybe listening to music might be okay.

today we will be going to Marin to walk and paint and have fondue. justin, leave your computer at home!

commentson 21 April 2003 : 10:12, justin sez:

Jane, that's a marvellous idea, leaving my computer at home. When I have to give up access to my email and archives I do feel lighter on my feet and my mind feels unteathered. But I'm afraid I can't do that today, and most days - I have to have my computer to keep track of my life. Maybe I'll bring it and leave it in the trunk, like my own personal nuclear football, to be used only if all other measures for distraction and organization fail.

commentson 21 April 2003 : 11:12, kurt sez:

"I have to have a computer to keep track of my life."


You can't keep a datebook? A set of paper files? A ledger book for your finances? An indexed journal for your musings? A rolodex?

Or is the truth really that you're a tech addict... and you maintain your addiction by being a pusher yourself?

Question to IT experts: Have PCs actually caused real gains in productivity? If so, by what measure?

commentson 21 April 2003 : 13:34, Mark-Paul sez:

Thanks, Justin, for the heads-up on the Henry Kissinger documentary. I caught it on Sundance last night. I was intrigued. Who knows for sure what really went on, but the evidence and my own observations about human nature suggest there is something to the "full" story after all.

I thought it was interesting that Kissinger has no problem with his papers being released 5 years after his death. At that point, I guess he figures his feelings won't matter anymore if people know the truth as he will be otherwise engaged.

Anyway, I just found the whole piece interesting and just wanted to say so. I don't think I would have known about the documentary or its airing if you hadn't mentioned it on your website. Thanks, again.

commentson 21 April 2003 : 19:47, stuzzy sez:

I like that movie. "Bring It On"

strange, yet I do

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