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commentson 8 April 2003 : 17:19, Liz sez:

Geez, you should have seen the pile O' crap I dumped off at my accountant's house (she happens to be a friend)! I am one of those people that could so be ripped off my her accountant because I dont want to deal with it. She does get me a decent return. :D

commentson 8 April 2003 : 17:38, John sez:

Like clockwork baby, you gotta do it every end of the month, end of the month

commentson 8 April 2003 : 17:58, Ben sez:

I've filed and spent my $777 return already. I don't overthink it. I just do the ez form and that's it. I tried the Turbotax online site. It was a disaster. Between filing for jobs in two different state in one year (Cali. has state tax, Texas does not), turbo tax claiming I am entitled to EIC when I'm pretty sure I'm not (like I need an audit), and that stupid method of signing (my options are to give them info from last year's RETURN or send in a dead tree signature? Last years W2, maybe but not return. Stupid.) it was a hassle. To top it off, don't try to remove ore change anything, it kep piling on the monay. At one point it claimed I was entitled to over $1000. It needs to go back in to the even. What is so hard about making a virtual 1040EZ, it would take like 4 minutes to fill out and I could predict the results. Bah.

commentson 8 April 2003 : 20:22, Judy sez:

Try using one credit card just for business expenses. This way you know everything on the account is legit just might not be in the right catagory. Makes year end much easier.

commentson 9 April 2003 : 01:17, Muslix Ard sez:

Dear J.,

Honestly I'm more concerned with your impressions of the war. While I wouldn't necessarily want you to pick a side, or a sign as the case may be, I would want you to criticize support and opposition to the war. This is what you're good at: Journalism. Taxes and video games are interesting, but it's time for you to monitor the nut cases and the saints in the world. For example what do you think about the rubber bullets used on protesters at a theater near you? Do you think Saddam is alive? What are the implications of Al Jazeera being fired upon by the US?

Thank you,
I'll send this along to your email in case you don't pick it up here.

commentson 9 April 2003 : 07:23, Ben sez:

Justin tried that, remember? All the little closet (or not so closet) Republicans came out of the woodwork to tell hime to stick to video games and mobile fones. It's really funny to see the reaction you get when you switch from (more or less) news reporting to op-ed pieces. Suddenly people that have been valuing your skills tell you that you have none. They tell you to shut up. However, that tends to be the Repeublican anthem, "Shut up, you're wrong". What's the latin for that? I think I wanna make a Rumsfeld shirt to sell on cafepress. That's a healthy capitalist reation.

commentson 10 April 2003 : 08:15, kurt sez:

If J. wanted to talk about things other than his techno-geekery, he'd have to do something he's not yet really done:

Edit postings to his site.

Wish it would happen more often. Internet discourse gets ruined when ideologues (usually rigtwing nationalists, corporatists or theocrats, but not always) highjack the bulletin board and spew knee-jerk it-writes-itself cant -- when they're not simply calling people names.

Of course, editing requires time and energy most small-time site masters don't have to spare.

commentson 27 April 2003 : 15:17, andy sez:


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