Comments on Dealership in a Museum
commentson 5 April 2003 : 11:54, gnome-girl sez:

She totally rocks!!!

happy weekend :)

commentson 6 April 2003 : 13:32, ben sez:

Jane and Co.

I love your work, but I live in Austin and will probably not get a chance to see you guys until I move back to LA (I love Berkeley and visit it often when in Cali). Would it be possible for you guys buy, beg, barrow or steal a MD Recorder or DAT recorder and tape a few gigs off of the house mixer for us geographically challenged folks? I'd love to listen to you guys live while in traffic.



commentson 6 April 2003 : 18:50, Justin sez:

Great idea Ben - I should take the initiative and record them myself! Chris W is a pretty big gearhound, he might help with a live recording.

In other notes, Lisa posted her photos.

commentson 7 April 2003 : 04:21, lisa nola sez:

extra cameras: good!!!
adam missed the furniture guy in animal crossing and refuses to cheat...

commentson 11 April 2003 : 10:26, shady sez:

glad to see dealership is playing out again. although it seems pretty obvious it's not the primary focus of any of the bandmembers, i check the website daily for new cds, pictures, or maybe an east coast date. ;)

commentson 11 April 2003 : 13:48, g sez:

nice BC Rich

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