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commentson 30 March 2003 : 16:44, Anita Rowland sez:

" has shown a steady decline in incoming links since 1995"

but the more you update regularly (as you have done recently), have good links (not the top ten from daypop), point to other weblogs and comment on other weblogs, the more people will be pointing to you.

I've a feeling this isn't your goal for your site.

commentson 30 March 2003 : 17:08, Liz sez:

My friend and I want to start a site but I'm not sure how to go about it and what the cost would be.

commentson 30 March 2003 : 17:50, Justin sez:

Liz - what kind of web site do you want to start? It can be very easy and cheap to start on a free-page hosting site like Geocities. BlogSpot will host you if you want to run a basic weblog. I like having some control over my site, where I can upload and update different software to run it and play with randomizing scripts and the like - you might end up paying something like $10/month with someone like DreamHost. Movable Type is an optional $20 donation. As for making the site itself, well, basic HTML ain't hard and you can pick up all the rest by reading and poking around.

What do you want out of the web? What do you have to contribute? What would you like to get back from readers and contributors? That's what Anita was getting at before you. I've had a web site for years, I don't have many tangible goals. But as a place to easy express yourself in the company of mostly thoughtful folks, it can't be beat.

commentson 30 March 2003 : 22:28, jimbo sez:



" has shown a steady decline in incoming links since 1995, when I stopped writing regularly about sex sites on the web"

"start writing regularly about sex sites on the web"

Love your work


commentson 31 March 2003 : 09:35, Liz sez:

Thanks Justin for the input. My friend and I have some interests that we would like to share. We have some great friends, in certain fields, that we would like to promote. A place to share, with other like minded people, is our goal. BTW, I'm talking beauty, fashion, health, politics and plenty of pictures. I really like this moveable type for the reasons you stated, but HTML seems like a hassle.

commentson 31 March 2003 : 16:20, joey sez:

Wow, I didn't know I was your biggest/first/most prominent investor or whatever. I figured "you" were a wise investment because you might start talking about sex again, and then I become (virtually) rich. Besides, if you bust I am banking on Ranchero software because Net News Wire is such a kick-ass product.

commentson 1 April 2003 : 19:21, Damanda sez:

Can I ask some really ignorant blog questions? Is livejournal a blog? Can you give some examples of some good blog sites? Do all blog sites allow others to comment or is that only a Movable type feature? If I want to do my own blog site can i add purdy pics like you?

commentson 2 April 2003 : 08:41, Kyo-wa sez:

They are free (slow as heck though), and you can customize your blog any way you want.
My friend, who uses pitas, put on a tag board ( ) for comments and stuff.
If you are a freeuser of Livejournal, you can still customize your journal somewhat. You can put on you own background (check my LJ if you want to see how I did it). If you are paid user, yeah then you can customize almost everything.

commentson 3 April 2003 : 12:51, gnome-girl sez:

well I bought 15 shares even though you don't talk about sex anymore just don't talk about acid reflux and it'll be all good :)

commentson 11 April 2003 : 08:34, SeńorBotas sez:

Oooof. I had a bout with acid reflux. Before then I had never heard of it before, but afterwards it was like Pynchon's "The Crying of Lot 49", I saw it everywhere. Which now includes this site, very disconcerting.

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