Comments on am I blue?
commentson 25 March 2003 : 10:16, gnome-girl sez:

and that is the perfect visual of harmony!

commentson 25 March 2003 : 14:46, Liz sez:

Can I borrow Jane for a while? I need some discipline with my writing too!! :D

commentson 25 March 2003 : 23:10, jimbo sez:


I bet u need help with yr 'tool'.

Dont we all???

I am the real thing...


commentson 25 March 2003 : 23:12, Tibor sez:

sounds like youŽre pretty lucky at the moment. good work, good food, good living.

i wish the woman in my life would be a bit more interestend in gaming, such as jane is. oh well, you canŽt have it all... least my girl likes to play blinx on my xbox every now and then.

greetings from old europe,


commentson 26 March 2003 : 19:45, shady sez:

i thought for sure that "other home" link was going to be dealership. ;)

commentson 26 March 2003 : 19:46, shady sez:

yeah, uh, i meant. :P

commentson 27 March 2003 : 03:32, Taylor sez:

You seem to be in the Zone right now Justin.

I wish I was there :-(

commentson 27 March 2003 : 13:33, g sez:

try gamecube on non-gaming woman

wokred for me to some extent, but I am not a hardcore gamer anyway

commentson 27 March 2003 : 13:34, g sez:

"worked" that is
wokred is when you forget something on the stovetop

commentson 27 March 2003 : 22:33, Tibor sez:


"wokred" is good... he, he, he.

youŽre probably right about the cube, had a nintendo 64 a couple of years ago and she loved mario64. but i guess iŽll stick with my xbox and get some nice jump&run games with cute characters.



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