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commentson 18 March 2003 : 14:02, Howard sez:

Dude! You are saying that you would rather spend your time deleting penis enlargement ads than pay attention to your friends because, well, you are too much of an old fart to learn new software?


Take a hit from the clue bong: you can use spam filtering to filter spam to a spambox. Once a week you do a quick scan to make sure a false positive (very few of them, actually, with decent filtering) doesn't go through.

Jeez. If I had made such a lame declaration, you'd be all over me. Shit, you'd wait until I left the room and then foreably install spam filtering because -- you KNEW I WAS BEING LAME!

I rate this post as a "Three Doy" post -- too lame to dance to!

commentson 18 March 2003 : 14:04, Gen Kanai sez:

I'm with Howard. I use Spamnix for Eudora-Windows and it's a godsend. I clean it once a week and rarely get any personal emails in there. Justin- you really should look into a spam filter. It's a huge time-saver.

commentson 18 March 2003 : 14:12, Damanda sez:

Easy, tiger. some of us are lazy, busy and lame. I just sent justin a whining e-mail because I couldn't find the button formerly on the editor page where I could highlight a word, have a window pop up and add a link without html. My inability to find this button is the sole reason why I haven't posted anything on bud for a while. Yeah, I'm too distracted, busy and lame to write down link text (i just cut and paste it from the text below this window) I'd rather just walk away from that site and read the wickerman news group.
doy doy doy,

commentson 18 March 2003 : 14:15, Justin sez:

Hah! Well you two make a convincing case for automated spam reduction - especially you Howard. I'll give it a whirl.

SpamAssassin is installed on the Unix server where I check my email. All I have to do is install my own personal Procmail filtering and then configure my Procmail to use SpamAssassin. Otherwise, I could try some kind of Outlook plugin - I tried SpamNet from CloudMark, a sort of P2P spam-filtering thing that didn't do much for me, at least in beta.

commentson 18 March 2003 : 15:21, Matt sez:

You might also want to check out POPFile. My interest was piqued after reading this ringing endorsement. Looks like it would be helpful to have a large backlog to start with, but it doesn't sound like that'll be a problem for you.

commentson 18 March 2003 : 18:23, jimbo sez:


Mozilla 1.3 has spam filtering which YOU can teach to adapt to YOUR email needs.

And it has built in popup blocking, ignore function of banner adds and tabbed browsing.

Get with it brother..


commentson 18 March 2003 : 19:26, steve sez:

My humble suggestion: SPAM Inspector for Outlook

One of the few programs I was compelled to pay for ($20). They use a central server where all users can flag messages as Spam and they update their databases with what IS and ISN'T spam.. no subscription fee!

It takes a couple of weeks for it to learn not to move your friends' emails.. but you teach it so that it doesn't make the same mistake twice.

This program has saved my insanity. Super-friendly tech support too.

commentson 19 March 2003 : 06:40, nimrod sez:

you all seem way too stressed :)
when i read justin's post i thought "thats a nice attitude towards the little annoyances in life" and it made me smile.
and to say something about filters, i use the opera-filter-stuff... but just to put all my eBay-mails in an eBay folder. and i'm kinda amused by all the various spam i get... :) (and i still have time to read the important mails!!!)


commentson 19 March 2003 : 08:45, toph sez:

Solutions where user does his or her own spam filtering are more desirable than having someone else filter it before it reaches mailbox in this one respect: who would ever really want to have his or her mail read by a third party in a central location?

commentson 19 March 2003 : 09:07, mike sez:

Yeah, you guys are being way too hard on Justin, even if it is in jest. He's far from being a luddite. Yeah it's the 21st centurty, but sorry folks - spam filtering software still ain't as good as Justin's brain. Here's to cat-dick, chin-hair pulling, and manual filtering!

commentson 19 March 2003 : 10:50, misuba sez:

toph: the third party is a machine. at least that's how popfile, moz 1.3 and OS X mail work. spamassassin does its thing by consolidating and comparing emails marked as spam by many different humans. at least that's what i think it does.

in either case there is no appreciable loss of privacy. (which you don't have any of anyway.)

commentson 20 March 2003 : 09:02, toph sez:

Confirm, postini, which ISP uses, is automated and no privacy anyway. Regret it's really hard to fix this.

commentson 21 March 2003 : 20:21, Thatcher sez:

spamassassin works for me. Best thing I ever did (just about). I highly recommend taking the plunge.

commentson 1 December 2003 : 09:24, Martin Thorborg sez:

Hi Justin
Try Out:
Itīs free and it sure won't eat your friends mails :-)))

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