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commentson 17 March 2003 : 12:44, justin sez:

And this headline just in from the Wall Street Journal: "MARKET ALERT: Stocks Surge as U.S. Gears Up for War"

commentson 17 March 2003 : 15:16, Christina Ince sez:

Hello, do you happen to know Levi Glassrock? I am an old friend of him and I am trying to find him, it is urgent. Would you please email me?


commentson 17 March 2003 : 15:25, justin sez:

Uh, thanks for visiting Christina -

no sign of Levi Glassrock here! But that's kind of a neat name.

commentson 17 March 2003 : 23:48, Paul G sez:

Questions and Thoughts about the coming war.

It is difficult to believe that the motivations and goals expressed by the actors in this situation are in fact their true motivations and goals.

It seems as though history began to be recorded about the year 1991 - at least one would reach that conclusion after listening to the President's speech, this evening.

commentson 18 March 2003 : 07:14, flo sez:

Justin, missed you at CeBIT! I spent a good hour at the info desk practicing my german before Iíve got a chance to browse through the list of speakers.

commentson 18 March 2003 : 18:30, jimbo sez:


I know somebody who wears Levi's does this help?

Im packing my bags for the misty mountain..


commentson 19 March 2003 : 08:55, toph sez:

Wrote a post about yellow, red, green, white and turquoise Tibetan prayer flags flapping on the clothesline, but blogspot is too cranky to take it, though expect it will appear eventually. When hostilities break out, will repair to church, toll bell and pray on special behalf of all the children.

commentson 19 March 2003 : 16:40, Christina sez:

Do you guys talk politics a lot?
Because I have lots of opinions I love to share :)

Please Pray for all the Iraqi innocence.

Let's get Saddam this time!!!

commentson 21 March 2003 : 18:30, Riki sez:

Deep Ellum Levi Glassrock? Cause if so I heard from him not too long I'm thinkin maybe a week or so....why?

commentson 23 March 2003 : 20:25, Chris sez:

Man, I forgot how much I liked Deus Ex. I re-installed it a couple of days ago and have been playing it since. Such a happy distraction from the destruction on TV. Thanks for reminding me how cool this game is!!!!!!

commentson 8 April 2003 : 18:26, Christina sez:

Hey Riki, yes Levi Glassrock, can you tell me how to get a hold of him???

commentson 19 April 2003 : 21:23, iqbal sez:

plz replay my password . any one is hacked my password

commentson 23 December 2003 : 12:07, Drew sez:

If you're looking for a 27 year old artist named Levi Glassrock, I met him in a bookstore in Dallas yesterday and have his business card including a phone number. Get back w/ me if you're interested.

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