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commentson 17 March 2003 : 10:32, Taylor sez:

The things we do for love.

commentson 17 March 2003 : 11:09, jane sez:

at least i didn't take off an ear.

commentson 17 March 2003 : 11:19, Damanda sez:

Please let us know if people say anything about your haircut. I've always wondered if mullets know they're mullets...I mean, how could they not? All those dumb mullett websites have been forwarded around to everyone on earth with a computer and there's the Mullet coffe table book staring at you at clearance tables in bookstores everywhere.... I've never had the balls to ask a mullet if he/she knew they were a mullett for fear of hurting their feelings or angering them. Please keep us posted...enquiring minds want to know.

p.s. for the smoothest shot on earth, try cazadores tequila.

commentson 17 March 2003 : 15:35, d sez:

i am sorry to you both. it looks awful. jane's mom is right, tho'. it will grow back and you can try again. hopefully, when you are not hui*.

*haircutting under the influence

commentson 17 March 2003 : 19:30, karl sez:

Too bad, without an ear, Justin could have became a dutch painter.

commentson 18 March 2003 : 18:19, Liz sez:

Justin with a bad do,thats nothin new. hehe But Jane cut her hair?? THATS NEWS!!! hehe

commentson 18 March 2003 : 18:28, jimbo sez:

They say the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is two weeks.

I say the difference is a bad haircut looks shithouse.

There can be only one...


commentson 18 March 2003 : 21:39, Judy sez:

The first thing you learn in beauty school is not to cut under the influence.
Of anything.

commentson 26 March 2003 : 15:34, Alexs Krysyna sez:

Help me know the young minds. I witnessed Attica, & the 4 dead in Ohio (Kent state) and got as close to woodstock to within 2 miles. Drafted to vietnam but failed physical because of reaction to bee stings! #6 on the first lottery. Had two freinds return. One mentally derranged the othe distant and physicaly cold. Why Are we doing this again? Is the final message of the book "THE LATE GREAT PLANET EARTH"? I have had a good and happy life even with the adversities, but to see any people die is a cry for peace.
The phoenix has arised and it id Bush the II.

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