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commentson 18 March 2003 : 03:46, Tim sez:

Deus Ex... the original would definitely rate high up amongst my all time favourite PC games, and of course I'm very eagerly anticipating the sequel.

As much faith as I have in the developers -- I'm sure that they're going to produce a fantastic game -- but a lot of what I read in that interview seemed a little... hrm, I don't know what the word is. All of that stuff about 'emergent narratives' and such, it seems a lot like they're putting their own name to something that's been going on in games for a long time. Things such as distracting guards into areas near explosives (eg, the old favourite, crates or barrels) and then shooting the barrels... it's hardly anything new.

Perhaps making a more interactive environment would be a bigger step in the direction that they're trying to go. For example, rather than having explosive crates as yet another way of killing an enemy (because essentially, explosive crates/barrels are pretty much a standard non-inventory weapon in a lot of games), the designers could allow players to detonate explosives on overhead rafters to bring down the roof on an enemy... A little far fetched, but hopefully you see what I'm getting at -- giving the player freedom to literally create their own way of doing things using whichever environmental objects they think might work.

Probably tedious to program, processor and memory intensive, not to mention all of the many other factors which might hold back 100% interactive game environments, but at least it's better than passing of 'emergent narratives' as something new...

(Yeah I sound like a bit of an asshole -- seriously though, just making suggestions in response to the makers of one of the most immersive PC/PS2 games I've played)

commentson 23 January 2004 : 21:38, Paris Hilton Video sez:

It's a pretty good entry! :)

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