Comments on SXSW: Geek Out
commentson 4 March 2003 : 15:13, misuba sez:

I was all set to say, "put your nav on the right, over by the scroll bar where their mouse is already headed!" But then I realized that my nav is on the left too. *sigh* what's wrong with us?

commentson 5 March 2003 : 11:53, ben sez:

My nave is top oriented. After working with left oriented, I got tired of it. I have a fixed frame nav on top and scrolling page. I'm in Ausitn, where is the confrence held? This is my first SxSW. I'm looking forward to it and dreading it.

commentson 5 March 2003 : 21:14, brobot sez:

for me, there's usability issues and there's usability issues. where the nav is on your site is not nearly as important as the fact that everyone that looks at your site can read, understand, and navigate using the nav, not to mention read your main text without any strain whatsoever.

where you put the nav should be up to your design fancy. if you're just putting it on the left because that's where everybody puts it, then you just need to play around a bit more once in a while, which is certainly what you've been doing, justin.

the problem with having your body text on the left like ben's (see above comment) is that your eye keeps falling off the left edge of the screen-- it feels unbalanced. it's good to have some solid blank buffer-space for your eye, like in the layout.

commentson 19 March 2003 : 15:21, Thomas Korte sez:

Justin -

Thanks for a great panel. Sitting in there I had an idea about Collaborative Note Taking - let me know what you think :-)

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