Comments on Mr Hall Goes to Washington
commentson 8 February 2003 : 10:30, Benjamin sez:

have you seen bowling for columbine? they're showing it here at swat this weekend. the american tendency to make huge gates and fences to lock yourself into your own home (though psychologically, thinking you're locking other people out) is echoed in your peering through the gates.

i bet the security you saw was nothing compared to after the anthrax incidents.

they have those fences around all the neoclassical court buildings in new york city too. i'm not sure i understand the irony you're implying in the inscription. wouldn't it make sense to protect the hallowed space with a fence?

also, your comments seem strangely detached from whatever the current political situation in washington is-- you don't even mention the current president's name, though you do give him god-term status with your capitalization. do you see the heightened security as simply a historical trend?

note: my website's down but here's the google cache of when i saw "bowling".

commentson 8 February 2003 : 21:01, Toph sez:

Thanks for dispatch. Don't want to go there.

commentson 11 February 2003 : 15:17, robnit sez:

The DOJ is being renovated inside and out, thus the fence. Mike and I chatted up a nice cop there on Thursday afternoon. They are renovating it one-half at a time, so we imagined all those rooms double-stuffed with grouchy lawyers.

We chatted up another cop at the White House on Sunday (Officer Merczak from Pittsburgh) and he informed us that the Prime Minister of Australia was staying at Blair House across the street. Perhaps that was who was in your motorcade. We saw Condi Rice in the back of a Black Suburban on Sunday AM. Maybe she was going to church.

BTW, nice site change.

commentson 11 February 2003 : 15:21, robnit sez:

btw, after looking more closely at your photo, I am fairly certain that's a presidential motorcade. That would be W trapped in the back of one of two identical limousines.

commentson 12 February 2003 : 16:19, Toph sez:

Amazing what you can innocently find...

commentson 13 February 2003 : 11:37, Eddie sez:

I wonder if the permanent protesters are still stationed at Lafayette Park, across the street from the north side of the White House. They have been a Washington institution ever since I can remember. There was one lady, older grey haired, who lived among her anti-nuclear signs for 20+ years. Over time, the gummint has reduced the size and number of signs and their protectors. I wonder if they've been swept away with the Constitution, part of the post 9/11 lunacy.

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