I was talking to GK yesterday, and he couldn't tell when I was being sincere. He didn't believe me.

I called my Mom, and I was talking about how I might be feeling depressed these days. She suggested I volunteer, do some web teaching in Oakland somewhere. I remember when I was a little one I would go to her and say Mom I'm bored and she would suggest things to do, or she would give me a coloring book or something.

I think that's great advice, but also I want to focus on my writing - take time to stay in my own world and write from within it, write about the games and what they're doing to my consciousness. There's enough hours in the week for both probably.

After one long night of nothing but gameplay, I decided to get my act together. I had bottomed out. So last night I came home, cleaned up, and watched a bit of a movie. This morning I woke up and did some jumping jacks.