I was taking the BART on a Sunday morning across the vast expanse of the East Bay. I was sitting there engaged in my Neo Geo Pocket Color, a brilliant but discontinued electronic auto-amusement device. In downtown Oakland these three folks got on. One guy had funky facial hair, a little goatee thing, and he was wearing some kind of skullcap and a linen shirt. He was with a girl with cool glasses and some kind of expansive pendant on her plain white clothes. They were with an older man talking. Something about the cross-generationality of that group, and the young folks' getup made me feel as though they were a part of some religious group. I looked at myself, sitting alone in a colorful suit, with my gaming machine, and I thought, maybe I should get involved with a religious group, you know, for the community. I was just musing, you know. And then I overheard the girl ask the older gent - "You like Oracle? We've had security issues." And I nearly ripped my teeth out. I definitely went back to playing my game.

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Interview with Peter Moore, President of Sega of America
I chatted with him on camera about the Dreamcast, Sega's ISP plans, and other video game issues. I also did most of the HTML since our production guy was off, based on a design from our art department.

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